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Drain cleaning and repair

If you want to function the sewage system without any problems, we highly recommend to attempt it properly and to pay special attention to material from which the installation is made, as it is one of the most important factors in a long-run perspective.

Today’s installations are usually made of plastic, which has many advantages (including very smooth inner surfaces of pipes, resistant to the formation of stone and aggressive chemicals). But even the best installation will clog if we don’t use it properly. It is crucial to make ourselves acquainted with the dedicated manual for each sewage system and to abide rules it contains with a great solicitude. Otherwise, our setup might give up way before it should. With a proper use of our sewerage, we might be able to lengthen its lifespan even 15 times!

The sewage system can be partially clogged – then the drainage from the sanitary unit is slower or fully – the water doesn’t drain at all, so it can flood the bathroom or kitchen. Under no circumstances we should ignore first signs of clogging, as the results of it may end catastrophically! Some of the insurance companies are well known for very profound analysis before finalizing compensation, and in case of any omissions made directly by house owners, they might back away from paying indemnity. Deposits in the drain pipes or clogged downpipes cause inconvenience in any household. Dirt and solids accumulate over time, and drains get blocked.

Depending on the situation, we use different techniques for a drain cleaning. We are aware of the fact, that every single occurrence might be slightly different. Hence, we are approaching every case in an individual way. Because of our rich experience in the field of  drain cleaning and repairing, we are able to select accurately the right method for you without any compromises. With a little help of electromechanical pipe cleaning, we achieve optimum cleaning of blocked pipes. With modern cleaning spirals of various sizes and lengths we fix every problem quickly and effectively.

If the deposits have loosened, they are removed from pipes by means of high-pressure rinsing. The water flows from the opening of the jet in a sharp beam and loosens the impurities. With professional knowledge and the right tools, we provide quick help. We work with spirals and high-pressure ducts, gently but effectively. The drain unblocking and cleaning is quickly done.

We are a well-known and appreciated company. Our mission is to fully satisfy 100% of our clients, with no exceptions. Therefore, we raise our standards to the very top of our branch. You may want to check our history and references – we have nothing to hide! We provide drain cleaning in Harrow – London – we will pay a visit in your house with no extra charge, no matter on what end of the city you live. Our employees are qualified professionals who can meet any challenge. We will do everything to solve the problem of clogged pipes in your home.

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